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Jim Snyder's latest novel embroils a young woman from Savannah in a cascade of Civil war crises that test her resolve and summon her courage. You can read several snippets of reviews on Amazon, but here's a longer version from industry bible Publisher's Weekly to give you more of the flavor.

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Snyder…crafts a heartwarming chronicle of a Southern belle’s travels during the Civil War. In 1829 dirt-poor Will Gaskins retrieves Spanish gold from a wrecked ship. In 1864 Gaskins [now a prosperous cotton broker] enlists his trustworthy but untested daughter Amelia to transport the treasure to the Bahamas so it won’t be confiscated during the war.


Fans of Civil War history, Caribbean seafaring, and coming-of-age stories featuring strong, capable women will delight in Snyder’s smooth descriptions of nineteenth century wartime life. The sights and smells of tropical islands are immersive, and Snyder employs details of clothing, etiquette, economics, discrimination and nauseating medical treatments to further draw readers into the era. 

The gold, which converted orphan Will into a wealthy merchant, is a catalyst that transforms Amelia just as drastically. The pampered “spinster” becomes an exceptional businesswoman and compassionate nurse who confronts romantic entanglements, the horrors of war, and a hurricane with equal aplomb. Snyder gracefully breathes life into genuine characters who embody desperation, patriotism, ambition, and resourcefulness. Readers will relish this energetic adventure as they root for plucky Amelia.